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DAY 4. Next day you will start the trip to Samarkand, the most famous of all tourist sights of Central Asia. On your way to Samarkand you will cross the famous Hunger Steppe (the gigantic project which was developed in 1950-80s and turned a former desert into a densely populated area) and visit different towns and farms in it. Among them are the following:
  • Gulistan (Control Station of the Dostyk canal);
  • Yangier, the administrative center of the Hunger Steppe, the ancient name of a vast, once totally uninhabited plain with most fertile lands suitable for irrigation. Here you will visit the Museum of Hunger Steppe Developers; the Canal by A.A.Sarkisov; Jizak Head Pumping Station.
At the second half of the day you will arrive in Samarkand and be accommodated in the comfortable private hotel - Zulfia B&B or Furkat B&B.

DAY 5. After breakfast you will arrive in the ancient Samarkand and spend the next 2 days there.

Samarkand is the second largest city of Uzbekistan and is of the same age as the city of Babylon or Rome, its history is about 2,500 years old. A tour of the city will introduce you to some of the delights for which Samarkand is so famed.

You will take an excursion to visit the Museum of History and Art of Uzbekistan and Ulugbek's Observatory - Ulugbek was Tamerlane's grandson and helped to make Samarkand one of the scientific centers of the middle ages. A tour of Registan Square, proclaimed the center of Samarkand (and, according to his ambitions, the center of the world) by Tamerlane the Great cannot be missed; three great buildings dominate the square - Ulugbek, Sher-Dor and the Tilly-Kari madrassahs (Muslim colleges). These extraordinary buildings have interior and exterior facades decorated with glazed brick, mosaics and carved marble and are quite literally fabulous - the stuff of fables. Your tour will also take you to the resplendent Bibi Khanym Mosque and other ancient sights.

The water management program will include visits to Zeravshan Valley Water Management Office, water structures on the Zeravshan river supplying the whole Zeravshan valley with water, and Samarkand hydrostructure You will learn about the current state of water management in Zeravshan Valley, where the history of irrigation dates back to 5-6 centuries B.C.

In the evening you will leave Samarkand for Bukhara, where you will be accommodated in the private hotel "Nazira&Azizbek B&B" or "Lyabi-Khauz". Top of the Page

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